The Bucket List

I’ve just started thinking about a bucket list, which is easily defined by Google as “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.”. How I got thinking about this you ask…well, two of my friends created a list of things to do this July break between semesters. They’re quaint things but nonetheless, important and simplistic. One of them wrote “sowing pants” onto the list. Another was “hike”. And it made me think… 

I know in one of my previous blogs I posted about the places I DREAM of going and the things I want to do whilst being there. Why make the bucket list something you do before you die? I mean, surely you wouldn’t want to live your whole life one day to the next merely fulfilling a few measly tasks the day throws at you. If that satisfies you, I say congrats! 🙂 But not for me. I have so many quiet moments where I either spend my time reading a book or watching movies. I may even go out with friends..but what if I came up with a list of things I want to do whenever I have a spare moment? Wouldn’t that be great? There wouldn’t be a dull moment in my day.

I have not only my two friends to thank but two bloggers who recently started following me: Christine Barba, who’s blog is titled Project Light to Life (follow her here: AND a blog titled This Man’s Journey (follow him here: Both of these beautiful people describe happiness and show ways off finding it. The Bucket list idea I saw on Christine’s blog as sh comes up with what seems to be day to day little ways of finding that happiness…just by starting with kind gestures to others. Her belief is that giving someone else happiness helps you find your own. 

So, I’m starting today. This isn’t going to be a piece of paper I stick on my wall. I HAVE to do this! I will openly admit to not sticking to something and losing the willpower to stick through it, meaning THIS is one small step to changing all that. 


I hope this can inspire a spark in your life.