Online dating…should you try it?


Finding someone in the real world is difficult. (That’s an understatement!) So I took to online dating and thought that it may be a good way of meeting new people, possibly start something new…who knows? I tried everything…and I MEAN everything! I tried OKCupid, eHarmony, RSVP,, Tinder (yes, I tried Tinder), Chatroulette… I tried them all. and I spoke to a couple matches…we hit it off, tried to meet or did meet and it didn’t work out. These things happen. But for me, it didn’t stop there. I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this, but I check my online dating sites beyond regularly. I check it every minute, hour or day to see if I got that one special message from that one special someone saying he likes me or is interested in me and would like to take me out. I did it so often that it became an obsession, and that’s when I decided to stop! I’m giving the control to them, girls! I’m saying…”let me wait anxiously by the ‘phone’ for your reply or confirmation that I’m great” if I don’t get that confirmation, I spend hours contemplating why I’m not good enough? Why doesn’t he or anyone like me? NO! I REFUSE to do so! I am worthy because My God says I am and NOT because another man says so.

There is a video on Facebook, possibly YouTube, by a young woman belonging to a group called SOML (Story Of My Life) who talks about how she is beautiful because she says she is and she doesn’t need a song or a letter or a poem or message from a guy to tell her so. And it struck a chord. I’m not saying EVERY woman does but there are the few woman who do seek the attention of a male to help boost themselves and make themselves believe they are beautiful…Ladies, WE are beautiful because WE ARE! Not because another man finds us so. We are tall, confident and strong. We have sass and character, and A LOT to bring to the table. I believe that, once we realize this, we are in the right place to bring a man into our lives.

And this is what made me realize that I…am not. I’m not ready to give my everything to someone yet because I don’t quite feel I can stand on my own two feet without being held up by someone, a man. I believe being with someone shouldn’t be because they complete you but because they make your life interesting, fun and full of adventure. You don’t feel as though you NEED them. No. You WANT them… to join you on your journey as much as you want to be apart of theirs.

I am not means a dating guru and I have no idea what I’m doing or what I want but I believe what I mentioned above has a lot of value. Have a think… I may be wrong to you but it works for me.

God bless,




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