Who to be and who not to be…THAT is the question

Who and where would we all be if it weren’t for labels? Think about that for a second… STICK NOTES = ME Growing up, you automatically fall into groups according to your background and personal character. There were the kids that had plenty of money and wore better clothing, so they became the Popular kids. There were the people who played sports or were ‘cheerleaders’ on the sidelines, so they were the Jocks. There were the kids who were more academically minded and they became the Nerds.. And then there were people who kind of drifted somewhere in the middle as they dabbled in various activities. These people are generally the Inbetweeners. As time goes by, the majority of us feel the pressure of each group looming over us. The Popular kids have a standard to uphold, dress and behaviour wise. The Nerds become competitive with their grades; the Jocks become competitive in games or sporting activities held, and the Inbetweeners make their way through life by figuring out where THEY belong. Eventually, the Popular kids grow up to believe they need to maintain there social standard and develop means to do so. Be it hosting parties, clubbing, driving fancy cars and living in better neighbourhoods…if there’s a will, there’s a way. Nerds distinguish a field of study they each want to follow and do all they can to follow that path. The Inbetweeners either pick something and see how it goes or figure it out along they way. Isn’t it fascinating to realize that our lives were all planned out for us by decisions we made as children- in schools, among friends, at home? I believe God has a map of all of our lives but it’s up to us to choose an option, a path and follow it through. One decision and our whole lives are almost set in stone. For some anyway. I’m not a huge fan of labels because they make me feel trapped. However, I use them plenty of times myself because they take away the anxiety felt when trying to figure out what I want to be doing in my life; how I’m going to spend every moment before I one day pass away. Will I be mellow and go with the flow, without letting the stresses of life bog me down? Will I be into partying the night away and a social bee, whilst working in a job that pays well? Will I venture off into a field of study and develop a profession? Each question I ponder as I do a self-reflection and evaluate the characteristics I hold. After all, it’s virtually the same as filling in a job application online to see if the COMPANY thinks YOU’RE right for the job. In the end, you’ll only know who you are and your life’s purpose once you’ve failed a few times… I imagine a singer auditioning for a bunch of jobs using a newspaper, crossing off the ones not suited to her. I’m rambling now as it’s just gone 11pm…but I ponder all this because of a movie released this year called the Duff. Watch it! If you aren’t left feeling the same, then I’m going to accept that I am quite philosophical and complex haha. road less travelled by With much love, Megs xo


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