Habits, the strangest of all things human

I was thinking about something today as I sat down and looked for new opportunities in other states…I was back to nibbling my once beautiful nails!

After months of wearing acrylic nails, nibbling on the skin around the nail (yes, I realize this is gross but I’m sure you have or know of habits worse than this), flicking the long tip of the nail against my finger, desperately attempting not to bite through the acrylic nail (as one can severely split the real nail underneath) and even resorting to putting band aids on the nails I tend to bite the most, I removed my acrylic nails…and they looked gorgeous and long and my idea of the perfect nail for me! BUT THEN…dun dun dun…as I learned a little while back that, with the good you have to accept the bad. This meaning that, after a good run of smooth sailing, I fell off course. I felt stressed for a number of different circumstances…which I shan’t bore you with. And so, with natural cause, I went right back to biting my nails. The skin is inflamed. The nails look tarnished. I feel disappointed.

Which leads me to talking about bad habits. What are yours? Come on, make me feel better by telling me all about your terrible habits you developed either subconsciously or consciously. No judgement (at least not out loud mwahaha) I kid…I think?

Lets change ‘bad habits’ to simply habits. Habits can be defined by dictionary.reference as the following:

habit hab·it (hāb’ĭt) n. A recurrent, often unconscious, pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition. Physical constitution. An addiction…

As perfectly illustrated of a ‘bad’ habit in an act of broken heart, I have shared with you a link to a YouTube video of a song called ‘Habit’ by Swedish recording artist named Tove LO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh2LWWORoiM

I don’t condone what Tove Lo did but this isn’t why I shared this with you. Habits are behaviours learned subconsciously. This artist took narcotics to rid her of the pain she felt after a particular break up she experienced. Like my nail biting, they CAN be unlearned through training and solely circumstantial. Of course, there are some people who struggle with addictions, which this could turn into. Alcoholism, smoking, nervous ticks, eye rolling, stammering…some of these are more serious than others. I want all of you to know there is help! You just have to want it bad enough to get it.

Onto funnier habits, through research I have found the strangest habits most wouldn’t think of. Only eating ice cream when it’s melted is one my dad enjoys. I have a favourite: smelling books before reading them- it sends me into an automatic, natural high. Or another is scratching my nose in awkward situations, fiddling with my hair when I’m uncomfortable, snorting when I laugh. My mom has a tick she makes in the inside of her mouth. Sometimes I just stare at people and giggle…other times, I cringe. A man on the bus was sitting diagonal from me and picked his nose. He continued to gross me out by rolling it into a ball and eating it. I nearly puked!

kid picking nose

Share any that you know of and I promise to try not laugh. We all have them 😛

Sincerely grossed out,



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