ImageIf I could ask you to do one thing it is to watch Eat Pray Love (unless you’ve already seen it). Now, I know it may seem like a soppy rom com or cliche chick flick but just stop and listen to what the American has to say. Look beyond the complicated relations she has, the messy divorce, the lack of stability. Stop and look at how she takes a year out to find, not only herself but her happiness. Some of you may have already been lucky enough to have established it. Some may have a harder time. I can admit that I am part of that “Some”. I would LOVE to work for a year and save, save, save…just save for my year where I can travel to Italy, India and Bali to find my inner happiness the way she did. Truth is, I’m so bogged down by life’s stresses- university and money being the domain. Aren’t we all though? We feel guilty when we take a whole single day just to do NOTHING because we’re so used to always doing something. In my opinion, it’s almost just as bad as smoking. 

There is this blog I just read after searching Google for the Italian translation of a word they said: Dolce Far Niente. It means “the sweetness of doing nothing”. READ IT!: 

They are small small steps…merely taking the time to appreciate the smallest details in life that we often don’t notice. It’s like meditation by being aware and taking care of yourself. 



The blog explains it all so perfectly. I say no more than this: Dolce Far Niente. REMEMBER THIS. 

That’s all for now, 

Take care, 





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