What a magical, weird start to a bizarre year! 

So I haven’t posted in a few weeks…don’t hate me. Surely my blog didn’t have THAT big an influence on your life. Haha. I kid ( I think? ).

Anyway! Let me fill you in the blanks…

I’m at university now. Yes. I have joined THEM! And, I have to say, it is EVERYTHING they make it out to be- the partying, the on-campus living, the classes, the people, the clubs, the oh-so fun studying. But everyone seemed to under-exaggerate the pressure. However, if I could tell you every single detail about the past few months, BELIEVE ME I would! It’s been the craziest, wildest roller coaster ride. All I can remember are the nights out. We (as in us village people) now have a spot we go to each Wednesday because they have discounts on drinks- something like $3 for a beer, $8 for a vodka mixed drink. It’s quite sad, in the funniest way possible, because, as a student, you can afford LITERALLY the bare minimum. When you run out of food, your neighbours are your best friends. It’s as though we have developed this secret, unspoken code. But…there’s ALWAYS a but…one horrible thing about living so close together is that everyone knows everyone’s business. NO KIDDING! Nothing gets by them. Now we have just decided to just shout it across to each other from our apartments because we have realised that everyone else is bound to find out sooner or later. And the sex scandals…OH the sex scandals. It’s hilarious the stories they come up with these days. But it’s entertainment in it’s own pathetically-obviously-funny way. 

But, ahem. That is NOT why you’re at university, Megan! Dammit. They shouldn’t be getting that impression. No! It’s all about the degree, the studying, the classes….the boys, the parties…well, actually, I’ve come to realize, it’s actually about learning to find a balance. 

So that’s my wonderful message for today folks! 

Find a balance in your life if you don’t already have one. 

You need it.

Trust me.

It’s for your own sanity.

Lots of love, 

Megs, xoxo


One thought on “IT’S BEEN TOO LONG!

  1. Sir and I wish you well. Have fun at Uni, but we must put in our responsible adult advice – school comes first! You will never regret your education, but you can have regrets about the rest of the stuff.


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