More to discover…

It’s hard enough in the dating world when you’re single AND a Christian, and being a hopeless, HOPELESS romantic, it’s virtually all you think about. Your friends may or may not be single and for the ones who aren’t single, they’re always so positive when it comes to talking about you and your dating life. They’ll say things like “Oh he’s coming. God’s saving the best for last.” or “he’s just around the corner” or “Now’s not the right time for you. You have so much going for you- university, your job…”. The last one has to be my favourite. As if a guy would make my whole world come crashing down just because he’s in it. I personally find it a struggle to sit through conversations with friends who are dating and listen to them talk about how happy they are with their man. I haven’t had a boyfriend. I’ve had ample opportunity but been too blind too see them or too shy to make them happen. I’ve always been that girl in the group of friends to be single….and they always turn to me for relationship advice, like where is the logic in that? 😛

haha well… I watch TV shows like Ellen or Bethenny, esp. Bethenny, and Bethenny is constantly bringing up relationships and sex. Is that all we have to talk about nowadays? Shows, the media, people surrounding us single-tons – it’s all a constant reminder that we’re still single and we still have that much further to go to get married and settle down. Sometimes, if I could only just switch it all off and pretend relationships didn’t exist anymore. That would make it much easier to deal with. It wouldn’t be an obsession- all I think about; nostalgia. Wouldn’t that just be great?Bethenny’s talking about the list- the long list of things we look for in our future partner’s. It’s like it’s a shopping list: Yep, he/she has the “Great personality” – Check!; the “Good looks”- Check!; “Bank account and steady job” -Check!… I don’t know about you but all I want is to find someone that I can connect with maturely both intellectually and at the heart…the rest we’ll figure out later. But what happened to privacy? From what I’ve been told, back in the day, sex was frowned upon- especially when you weren’t married. You barely spoke of it. What you did in the bedroom was between you, your man and the four walls. What’s changed? It’s now become a form of verbal diarrhea. Right? My biggest pet peeve, if that’s the right term, is how important sex is highlighted to be in society. Nowadays, sex has so much of a hold in and over relationships, it’s as though the relationship wouldn’t exist without it.  But yet, at the same time, I have yet to learn much more. Many of my friends feel as though they don’t need to be married or engaged to feel loved and to be in a committed (intimate) relationship. Their relationship is on an incredible level.

I have theories, yet to be tested haha. This is all apart of my journey. I’m hoping to meet the right guy to show me the ropes…but, more and most importantly, to be my love. 

Until next time



4 thoughts on “More to discover…

    1. Hey Darling 🙂
      OF COURSE NOT! Don’t be silly 🙂

      I’ve been busy at work and now I’m moving houses and moving to university, I’M ALL OVER THE PLACE! ><,

      I'm really sorry I made you think that.

      I hope you and Sir are both well!

      Lots of love.

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