Let your happiness shine!

Don’t put your happiness in the hand’s of other people. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it everytime. 

-C. Barzak

Many a time, I’ve been happy. When I reflect on it, I realize that it was the people I was surrounded by that made me happy and although that’s fantastic, the happiness wasn’t from within. It was a temporary state of mind. I’m like many people who may need people surrounding them to make them feel loved and happy. I have EVERY reason in the world to love myself and be happy with myself so if other people can tell me that they love me and they think I’m a beautiful person, what’s to stop me from believing them. As my friend, Ashlee, once said: If there are so many people telling you that you’re beautiful, why are you telling yourself that you aren’t? Better believe it. YOURS and my happiness shouldn’t depend on other people and their happiness. 

Another thing I’m working on within myself.

Be happy with yourself. Compliment yourself like a true diva and any happy person would! Silly for you not too…

Until next time, 

God bless




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