It’s all taken care of

So I’m sitting in the mall this morning, sipping my ice coffee, and I’m thinking about life. I’m thinking about the paths we are all taking and the decisions we make on a daily basis, which it lead me to think about the Sims game. For many who may not know what this game is about, it’s a virtual life game where you take control of the lives of little people in a screen, helping them achieve goals you set for them.
As I’m thinking about this game, I think about how perfectly designed everything is- how each person and object is different from the next and how some of us have the same, or similar, goals but take different paths to achieving them.

I hate to do this but I couldn’t help but think about our lives and linking it to the game. I think about the creation of the beautiful and complex things surrounding us, more so the people I meet on a daily basis. I’m always wondering about what they do in their spare time- if they’re studying or working, if they have a family etc. it’s fascinating to think we each have our own lives yet our only primary,!immediate is of ourselves, like each individual sim. But their is one main controller; one being that makes the decisions for us. We like to believe we have complete and utter control over our own lives because it makes us feel more secure but all of our decisions have been made for us in already. Sure, we’re given options, which take us down different paths, however it’s all leading to one main goal. You may believe solely in fate, destiny, another spiritual being, or Mother Nature. I believe in a God, MY God, and my belief in Him never disappears, no matter how little faith I have in certain trials in my life. To know that everything is taken care of takes away some of the worry. Don’t you think?

That’s all I wanted to reassure and remind both you and I of- everything is already taken care of so stop trying to take your life into your hands and just…”go with the flow”.

Love Megs xo


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