Playing the Game

By now, some of you may know just how crazy I am about Bethenny Frankel’s show! I’m watching her, again, tonight and they’re all talking about ‘Playing the Game’ when it comes to relationships. Now, personally, I just wish relationships could be straightforward and simple: girl likes guy, guy likes girl, guy asks girl out and there is open communication. There’s no ‘this person’s chasing this one’ or he isn’t chasing me so I won’t chase him. It’s purely a matter of both people knowing what they want and going after it. It shouldn’t be a game! Games are for children and when last I checked, real relationships are between mature adults. Not kids. So why are we even talking about ‘PLAYING THE GAME’? I wasn’t aware this was a game show and everyone gathered around to score us.

We have to stop analyzing the situation and just go for it. I wouldn’t approach a guy because I believe that a guy is strong when he is a  perfect gentleman. By approaching me, he knows what he wants and is man enough to want to do something about it. On Bethenny’s show tonight, they discussed women being a prize and that not all men see us as that. Demetrias from “Blood, Sweat and Heels” says “then you need to find someone who sees you as the prize”. Another guy added that, if men really see you as the prize and they really want you, they WILL do whatever they need to do in order to receive you, and that’s all that I stand for!

All most women want is to be wanted, loved and adored; a man that is sensitive and caring. Most men find that being sensitive and caring isn’t manly. But if a man sees you as a prize, he’s willing to go out of his way to make that prize his. Full stop. No games need to be played. Just follow the small simple steps of getting to know someone and asking them out. You shouldn’t have to worry about who called who first, who texts who first, if you did the right thing, if they really like you.. Someone who really likes you, wouldn’t hide it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. And why should you hide it? When did it suddenly become so uncool to express romantic interest in someone? We are all so paranoid about doing what everyone else thinks is right. Why not just do what comes naturally and enjoy the ride?

Just be yourself and not someone else’s perfect idea of you.

Until next time,

God bless




2 thoughts on “Playing the Game

  1. Dear Megs,

    Very well said. Often times, men act aloof and “cool” because they believe that is what the girl expects. However in a real relationship, the few good men out there always act with enough sensitivity and care. Sometimes at the begininning of a relationship, if the girl says ‘I dont like dopey men’, or something in that order, it registers in the mind of the guy and he would try to act as cool as possible and not be himself. This could lead to other relationship problems. Then there comes this thing called ego. Who should be the first to make the phone call or the text? Would she think lesser of me if I text her now? Would he think I am too mopey if i call him today? Why should I do it, let me wsit for him/her to do it first….kind of stuff. In a real mature situation, good friends can turn into perfect lovers.

    I am sure you are going to experience all this soon.

    Good luck and Godspeed.


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