Gold digger? What happened to good ol fashioned dating?

Okay so I’m watching Bethenny tonight and there is one thing that we seem to agree on at the moment: morals. SO many people of the audience have argued that the morals of the world today, in regards to so called ‘gold diggers’, have deteriorated. Majority of young and older people aren’t looking for the ‘right’ qualities in people they want to date. Some don’t even want to date. Some want to skip the dating part and jump straight to between the sheets. What happened to getting to know the other and real relationships? Back in the day, it was frowned upon to even think of having sex with someone before courting and marrying them. Now, it’s freely aired on television. We have women talking about how they are in love with their man, when really it’s because of his 7 digit bank balance. I know that it seems as though we’re saying that it’s wrong to be rich and attracted to a rich person but it almost seems as though the rest of our morals went out the window and all we are concerned about is how happy we are going to be based on how wealthy we are going to be. But I guess we will never know the real reason a certain man and women are together because, in all honesty, it’s their relationship and they’re entitled to their privacy. 

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