Smiling Mind

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been thinking about my resolutions, as many do this time of year, and I could think of many things I want out of this year. I try not to make resolutions as I prefer to set goals and try my best to reach these goals. I figured a dream board would most definitely help and I’ll be filling it up with phrases and pictures as I go along. But right now, my main goals in sight are : to start university and stay motivated; to be closer with my family; to own a VW Beetle; to backpack around Europe, to be closer with God. Then another came to mind. I’ve been meditating for the past few days using this mobile app called Smiling Mind. I’ve never been sure as to where Christians stand in regards to meditation and hypnotherapy. It’s a tricky one. But I’ve tried out the meditation and it has worked wonders 🙂 truly! It’s calming. It takes away the worries of yesterday and tomorrow. Just makes my mind peaceful.

So if I were to make a resolution, it would be this: to be happy. It’s that simple. I want to reach a state of mind where I no longer require meditation, friends, family and the company of a long distance complicated male companionship. I’d like to be happy…inside and out. Have it radiate from within. Have more smiles than tears. And so, I wish this for all of you- to be truly happy so that, when situations approach you and they seem troublesome, I hope you approach them with a smile and say “I can do this”, instead of crumble in weakness (like what I do).

Until next time,
God bless,


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