Way back then..

Christmas time always makes me reminisce to back when I was a child. Not a care in the world. All I worried about was meeting up with my friends after school and if I could sleepover. I got excited when my feet were able to touch the floor one day when I sat on a chair that used to be too high for me. I used to look forward to Easter, Valentines Day and Christmas. I remember one Valentines Day I decided to write an anonymous note to my crush, Nathan Randal. That boy…his blonde hair and blue eyes, toned body from rugby…he definitely was pleasing to the eye. Anyway, I think I got my best friend to write it for me because I loved her hand writing and we put hearts all over like hung girls would. When everyone was out for lunch, we snuck into the classroom that his bag was in and left the note there for him to find. I was such a giggly girl and I still am when it comes to guys. But I loved the innocence of it! The cute, romantic gestures back then weren’t too hard to find. I watched him as he opened it and he blushed..his friends were around him.
I reminisce about how we celebrated Christmas in South Africa. We had this big, beautiful tree, decorated to the T and my favourite part, unlike most who enjoyed placing the star on tee tree, was setting up the statues of Jesus in a manger with the wise men. Waking up one morning and running through to see a huge gathering I presents sent screams of excitement through the halls of the house. We’d all sit and dad would hand them out. I’d rip into mine like there was no tomorrow. Haha..:) mmm sister and I would argue over the Christmas calendar and who had which day’s chocolate. On Easter, my school would dress one of the teachers up in an Easter bunny costume and put flour on their feet…they’d hop around the school, hiding eggs and leave half eaten carrots on the ground. The bell would ring and we would run out of the classrooms, bolting the door off it’s hinges. …I smile at the thought of this all.

I miss the days when small things counted. How things have changed over 10 years…

Have you ever reminisced about the good times in your childhood?

Until next time,
God bless,


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