How do you say what you feel you need to say without sounding like you’re whining or feeling sorry for yourself?

My blog is meant to be cheerful, somewhat positive and thought provoking. The suns out. My music is playing and there is the normal chatter of people around me that I love. But all I can feel is something weighing me down in my chest. I cannot fathom what it actually is. I cannot pinpoint it so when people ask me how I’m doing, I merely answer with a “I’m good, thanks” and smile. I never like to publicise this. I guess this is my way of subtly letting people know what’s really on my mind. I want to meet someone I can just blurt everything out too and not have them judge me and analyse me. Someone who won’t recommend me to a damn psychologist! I hate when people do that. Just listen… That’s all. Then I’ll be good.


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  1. My sentiments exactly.

    By the way I am ready to listen….

    Generally what happens when you listen to someone is, you are compelled to related to it from your own perspective. As a result you end up sharing your thoughts. The wise amongst us will make sure there is no advise dispensed, the others feel that they have the power to tell you what is ‘right’. I believe I belong to the first kind.

    1. Thank you 🙂 that’s very sweet. And I believe the same. I think advice should only be given if it’s asked for.

      I always feel I’m being annoying when I open up to people and tell them what I’m thinking and feeling. I get that feeling u get when someone sighs and rolls their eyes at you. You know? It’s uncomfortable. So I keep quiet and it makes the feeling even harder to deal with.

      1. Hello Megs,

        I understand exactly how you feel. I seldom open up to people for the very same reason. In fact the only reason I started this blog was to find a channel where I could express myself without feeling that I am taking someone’s time to talk about my sadness.

        There is nobody I know here personally and it is easier for me to rant off. If at all people are not interested they would just ignore my writings. So now, you know why I write 🙂

        I would never roll my eyes when someone is talking to me. I have never felt the need to. People open up to you only because they trust you and feel comfortable and one should feel happy that they are patient enough to listen to someone who needs their ears. Nothing else.

        If you so do wish to share your thoughts with me, I would always be happy to hear you out.

        Again, thank you for sharing the site on your blog. I have logged in as a listener since I first tried it and I think I have at least brought a sense of relief(maybe for a few seconds) to them. I am now in contact with a couple of the Venters who were pretty down themselves. I guess this would bring some meaning to my life.

        My name is Balaji Prasad and you are the first and only one on this blog site to know my real name 🙂

      2. Request you to not address me by name on this site. I am keeping my identity under wraps so that in no way can anyone link her up from me. Not that it matters, but I love her too much to let her name out when I am sure she would not want me to. is my email ID.

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