I am amazed by the ways of life I’ve experienced as I’ve moved around over the years. My family is well spread throughout the world- England, Scotland, South Africa, Africa and now America

. . The wonderful murmurs I’ve heard about the ‘must see places’ of Europe have my ears ringing and I’m definitely extremely intrigued to find out more- personally! From England to Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Greece..you name it! I want to experience it all.

  • The Luxembourg Gardens – Paris;
  • The Fontana di Trevi – Rome;
  • Grand Canal – Venice;
  • Santorini Food and Wine Connection – Oia (Greece);
  • Museo Capella Sansevero – Naples;
  • Old Town – Croatia;
  • L’Ultima Cena and Duomo – Milan
  • Casa di Guilietta (letters in the wall)Shoes on the Danube -Hungary
  • Bosphrous Strait and Suleymaniye Mosque- Turkey
  • Catherine Palace and Park, and the Church of Our Saviour on Spilled Blood – Russia
  • Anne Frank House- Prinsengracht
  • Van Gogh Museum –  Paulus Potterstraat.
  • Casa di Guilietta – Verona, is a MUST
  • Pont des Arts “Lover’s Bridge”- Paris (linked fence with love padlocks)
  • Eiffel Tower- Paris

The list goes on and on! I want to see the historical sites; the sites filled with expressive art; the little roads in villages with shops alongside; the rivers and canals; the people, the food and wine tasting from each country! But most of all… I plan on

Grand Canals -Venice

falling in love in Europe…Italy possibly, with a cook who drinks red wine and makes home made pasta. Now THAT would be a tiny piece of Heaven. I want to make friends along the way..go backpacking through Europe- merely pitching up to places with a two man tent, a small bag of clothing and the money in my pockets..

…and I’m drifting off. My heart melts just thinking of this all!

One day. I’ll get a job whilst in uni and after, and save for Europe. That is my dream! Who knows. . . I may not come back. 😉

A girl’s gotta dream.

Until next time,

God bless,




2 thoughts on “Forever Yours, Europa del mio cuore

  1. Dear Megs,

    That is a beautiful dream. I have wanted to see some of the places that you have listed too. If you do find your man and go on this journey, or if you plan to go alone, let me know, I may join you folks if you will… 🙂

    Dreams are what defines what you do in the present. I have some dreams myself, I hope I get to realize them.

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