uhhh I don’t think so…


So there is one topic that’s being discussed by many, especially those like Bethanny Frankel. Vawn from The New Atlanta. This man amazes me, and not for all the good reasons.

[A little background: his now ex-wife cheated on him, while they were together, with one of her exes. He carries a damaged heart and bruised ego.]

When it comes to relationships, I’m a newbie so I don’t know the rules and guidelines, the Dos and Don’ts. My ideas of relationships are purely based on what I observe from others- my parents, friends who are in relationships, other family members and the social media. But I also have the Bible to follow. Even though it’s a little out dated (haha) I still try to follow the basic beliefs and understandings, and applying them to my life. You could definitely say I’m old fashioned and traditional but I love it! I’m the good ol’ fashioned romantic and I don’t believe there is anything at all wrong with it. 


I was watching Bethenny (by the way, I LOVE her show!) and she had brought Vawn onto the couch. (Might I also add that I watch The New Atlanta so I see a little of what’s going on.) He believes that, when it comes to dating women, it’s perfectly okay to sleep with and/or date several women at once SO LONG AS you’re perfectly honest and open with them about it. This got my blood boiling! I could POSSIBLY understand telling the person that you’ll be going on a few other dates but I draw the line when it comes to sex. I don’t want to know that, whilst I could possibly be sleeping with a guy, he is also sleeping with and dating other women! GROSS. It’s not only gross, it’s hurtful because, even though he might not feel seriously for the girls, some of the girls may feel strongly about him. Yes, being honest with the girls is great but it doesn’t control the girls feelings towards him. For me, if you want to date me, you should date ME. Knowing that the guy wants to even consider other girls whilst seeing me HURTS. It’s saying that I’m not enough for him. It’s not only that, it’s trust. He may be honest about what he’s doing but I would be doubtful of his feelings towards me. I don’t believe a man who wants to see several girls is serious about a relationship and that’s….okay. I suppose. If the girl accepts that he isn’t serious and neither is she, then great. If she wants one thing and he wants another, in my opinion, it’s doomed. 

Does him being honest actually give him the right to sleep and/or date whomever he wants? 

From a Biblical perspective, when dating one girl, merely looking at someone else is cheating (adultery). So it’s suddenly OKAY to sleep and/or date many girls SO LONG AS you’re honest about it….riiight. 

I have far too much respect for myself to allow a guy to do that to me and if it means I stay single for a while, so be it. 

Rant over. 😛

Haha got a little passionate there…

Until next time,

God bless,




3 thoughts on “uhhh I don’t think so…

    1. Dear Sir,
      So to the point 🙂 I can’t figure it out. The so called feelings he has for me doesn’t seem enough. I’m sad to say that I have decided to take some time and just ‘back off’ because not knowing what ‘this’ was really messed with my mind and heart. I’ve done long distance before and it never lasted more than 3 months. With this guy, we were friends before but the thing that separates him from me is I’m more indulged in my emotions than he is. He gets scared the moment he starts to truly feel. It’s for the best. We will be friends again. I just don’t think it will be the same as it used to be for a while.
      Thank you, and Darling, for ALL the advice and encouragement! It is greatly appreciated.

  1. It is situation based, Megs. There is no such thing as a hard and fast rule. Emotions take over you at different times for different reasons. I am in now way supporting what the guy did, but I am just saying that as long as the two of them in the relationship understand why it happened and that they still truly love each other, I believe the rest of the things will sort themselves out.

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