GO LOVE! GO LOVE! (she chants)

I don’t have much to say tonight apart from…I can’t wait to fall in love for the last time 😀 To meet the man that my God so perfectly designed and carefully placed in my life at the right time….

I see and hear of couples falling in love and I’m always so negative about how non-existent my love life is but I shouldn’t be. Instead of being sad, I should be filled with hope because if they can have that, what’s stopping me or YOU for that matter?

I LOVE ‘love’ and the idea of love. To be so completely besotted with someone for the rest of your life…to wake up to them every morning, to plan a life together so that it’s nearly perfectly intertwined… #suchahopelessromantic I tell ya!

Now, the patience part I need to master. . .

Until next time,

God bless




4 thoughts on “GO LOVE! GO LOVE! (she chants)

  1. Hey Megs, I am sure you will. You sound like such a nice person and generally nice people take time to find the right partner. That is my theory. But you are 20 something and I think you should observe first before you give into love.
    Smile, clear skies are around the corner.

    1. Hey BP. Thank you for that compliment 🙂 you’re probably right there. I’m nearly 20. My heart yearns every single God blessed day to meet the love of my life as many already have. It’s this joy and absolute overwhelming happiness I long for that creates the knot in my stomach everyday. I miss the person I have yet to meet. My heart cries for them. (How dramatic, I know).

      But I will be observing an waiting patiently. 🙂

  2. As you would have realised in my case the knot in the stomach moved up and is strangling me. I am not able to look at any other girl any more. So it is not always a happy ending. Again this not something you dont know nor am i trying to scare. I only wish for you to be happy and prepared in case it does not work out. Hence the need to wait and understand the situation fully,.

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