Spread the love. Communicate.

So we all have demons in our closets right? Some may seem unbearable and others you brush off easily. Then there are those that you can’t handle all by yourself..bottled up inside…eventually, they start eating at you. They play on your mind for, what seems like, forever until you deal with them. Each of us have our own ways of dealing with our ‘demons’ and our family and friends can be quite sensitive to the way we behave and the way we’re feeling. They often want us to talk to them about what’s bugging us and you, possibly like me, might be quite hesitant at first to open up to them. But when you eventually do, that heavy load that weighs you down suddenly halves itself.

Lately, if been bogged down by overwhelming feelings of confusion, anger and sadness because one person wasn’t giving me what I feel I needed. I had kept my feelings to myself for a while and it eventually drove me to the point I like to refer to as ‘overload’. He sensed something was on my mind but I wasn’t ready to tell him. He kept prodding and showing he was genuinely concerned…so I spoke to him. I cried like a big baby but I needed to.

What I’m saying is…a problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t keep it bottled up. Don’t allow it to take control over your life and how you feel. COMMUNICATE! It’s the best thing to do. I promise! *touches wood*.

They say ‘Sharing is caring’. I say ‘Caring is sharing’. We should care more. Help carry someone else load. They should feel able to talk to people about things on their mind and we should be ready and waiting.

Until next time,
Don’t forget to communicate!
God bless and much love


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