Is it False Advertising?

false advertisingI was watching a repeat of one of Bethenny’s shows tonight on Arena and she brought up this topic of ‘False Advertising’. She spoke about girls and women putting on makeup, doing their hair and dressing up when meeting guys or even just going out. It made me think… I mean, is it REALLY ‘False Advertising’ or are we just doing what we believe is the right way to go about approaching guys? Because, some guys don’t necessarily do the natural look and believe that the makeup gives the girls confidence, which it does in it’s weird way. They believe that confidence will mean they’re good in bed. Other men, as one guy had so bravely commented, said that he would rather date a real 8 then a fake 7- meaning he wants the real deal= no makeup, just ‘you’. If you think of it from a girls perspective, most of us want to feel comfortable, we want to also attract a guy. I feel the only way to do that is to attract them by putting on a little makeup but at the same time, I don’t feel as though I’m being entirely true to myself. I feel slightly ‘fake’, as in I’m trying to be someone I’m not. However, would guys really be attracted to a girl who displays it all? I think of it as a pretty picture: if you were to go back in time, you’d see the steps taken whilst painting and at certain stages, it’s not a pretty site. Once completed and the colours are perfectly intertwined to create this image, you love it. But you don’t always show people the steps of the painting. Most of the time, you show them the final piece. Right? So, in regards to makeup, you don’t want to put nothing on and have all of yourself on display. You kinda want to attract the person and then talk to them about the so called ‘steps’. You want to reveal yourself to them over time. (I hope that analogy makes sense to you all as much as it made sense to me! 🙂 )

I don’t think the makeup is false advertising. I think that plastic surgery to have cheek and eye lifts, wrinkles reduced, lip and face botox…that kinda things is false advertising. To make yourself look like a barbie doll when those only exist in fictional stories is misleading. Makeup, in my eyes, merely enhances our natural beauty. It makes our eyes pop or brings some colour to our faces if we’re naturally pale (ahem, like me). And it gives us ladies a temporary, yet somewhat permanent, confidence (once we begin to believe it). It makes us feel slightly more confident to want to chat to the guy who’s been staring at us from across the bar.

So, I guess it comes down to where the borderline between false advertising and real lies? That differs from person to person.

What are YOUR thoughts?



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9 thoughts on “Is it False Advertising?

  1. What a great post. I would love to hear Sir’s opinion in this subject matter, so perhaps after he awakes he will chime in.

    Is wearng makeup false advertising? I suppose if a wman applies makup with a putty knife it could be misleading. I think airbrushing pictures of models and celebrities is the bigger offense. It teaches that even they don’t make the grade. I love the old pinup pictures of normal sized real beautiful women with red lips. Now they were gorgeous.

    I don’t wear a lot of make up at all, and I don’t look much different when I go without. I know some women who refuse to go without makeup even while they sleep. I think that is gross. I have never felt more beautiful than fresh out of a shower sans makeup being kissed by a handsome Sir.

    That being said, it’s fun to glam it up for a night on the town once in a while. Makeup should enhance not cover up.

    My best

    1. Hi Darling 🙂 It’s so good hearing from you again!

      I completely agree. There is FAR too much pressure to be ‘perfect’ and the next Barbie doll! When I was younger, and I’m sure most young female adults my age would agree, our concern was definitely not makeup. I never even knew it existed. I was quite childlike. Once I moved to Scotland, things suddenly changed and makeup was everywhere. I was brought up in South Africa and I can honestly say that people weren’t, and probably still aren’t, too phased about over-doing it when it comes to appearance. I wish it were like that all over the world. The ideas that the media feed to children and teens to look like models is ridiculous!!! They are MODELS. They’re advertising a brand..yet, our main focus remains on their weight or the perfection of their face and/or skin. It’s saddening…and a rut I’m often stuck in.
      For me, I can’t not wear makeup to work or around people I’m not all too comfortable with. I don’t always wear makeup at home and I certainly don’t wear makeup to bed. But I am desperate to change that. I want to be the girl who couldn’t care less about that. It’s going to take some time though.


  2. Hi Megs

    I absolutely love the fact that you have even given this some thought. It speaks volumes about you as a person and all of it good.

    My question is why do people wear makeup? if it’s to make themselves feel better and it works I say “go for it.” if they think that they are frauds then they shouldn’t. We all try to present ourselves in the best possible light. Maybe we get a hair cut, iron our shirt, polish our shoes, wear designer clothes. Is that false advertisement as well? I really don’t know. My suspicion would be that many young women wear make up to firstly catch a mate, then continue to do so to keep said mate. However I think the principal reason is the societal pressure that they feel under as a result of the unreal body images and impossible standards that are set by the media (both new and old).

    In your case Megs, you are finding your way in the world. You are fresh faced young woman who is about to open a new chapter in your life. My advice would be don’t set a standard that you are not comfortable with. If you overdo the makeup you may attract the wrong kind of attention? If you underdo it you may not feel you are in the race and could receive censure from your peers. You are a healthy young woman. Judging by your photos your makeup needs would be tiny anyway. Highlight your strengths and turn your perceived weaknesses into positives. When you find that special someone they will love you for who you are not what you look like. If they don’t then more fool them.

    Darling is right, there is a time and place to be all glamorous . But as I have said to you before, stay true to yourself, You need to be able to look yourself in the mirror (with or without makeup) and like the person you staring back at you.


    1. Hi Sir 🙂 As I said to Darling, it’s lovely hearing from the two of you again.

      I just told Darling that I think it is RIDICULOUS how we feel so pressured by models. I mean, they’re merely doing a job- to advertise a brand…but all we pay attention to is their weight and perfectly toned skin. It’s saddening but, and I’m ashamed to admit this, it’s a rut I’m often stuck in.

      I think, from personal experiences, that guys wouldn’t be attracted to a girl who is fresh faced and natural, all exposed. Even WITH makeup, I’m not approached by guys. So it’s confusing to me. I guess some girls have it lucky. But my question is: are the guys attracted to the girl or that pretty perfect version of them? When the makeup comes off, will he like/love her any less than he did when she had it on?

      Why should we do it to make others happy if we aren’t TRULY comfortable with it ourselves? I say that but I know I couldn’t stop because there is still that part of me that does care what other people think.

      It’s a tough one this. I think it definitely comes down to loving what I see in the morning when I’m fresh out of the shower. That’s going to take practice.


  3. Hi Megs

    I think both guys and girls are initially attracted to the bright shiny thing. The key word here is “initially.” A pretty bauble only has one party trick. So yes put on your “war paint”, as an old friend of mine used to call it, and use it to best effect to attract a partner. However once it has done its job its role should be secondary.

    If there is any substance to the relationship then the love should become more powerful and not less so. You are now seeing the real person and not the contrivance. Anybody who loved their partner less with no makeup I would consider to be both shallow and vapid. If you have someone in your life who treats you this way Megs my advice would be to ditch them. You are worth so much more than that.


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