It’s time. . .

. . .to move on.
It's time to move on
let them goit's an experience
I’m sure we all know that it isn’t easy to let go. I’m currently fighting a battle that I’m learning I can’t win. It takes TWO to tango. In friendships and when it comes to guys, both people need to be in it and not just for the short run. No matter how hard I try and how much effort I put in, the significant other should want to put effort in to make it work. But if their hearts not in it, their hearts not in it. Eventually, all the fighting for the other soon turns to pushing them away into the arms of another and seeing that happen hurts even more that not being fought for at all. And you know what, I WANT to be fought for. I WANT someone to believe I AM special enough to be fought for because we ALL should feel, AND BELIEVE, that we ARE special. Right now, the people I’m fighting for aren’t truly concerned. So I think it’s time I re-evaluate myself and listen to my little message left on my Facebook wall today:

“Today we believe God wants us to know that …


Yes, it hurts when the things or the people we love are taken from us. Make your peace with loss. Nothing lasts forever. Like the trees in autumn, you too must learn to shed your attachments and start afresh.”

And that’s what I’m going to try to do. I have so much going for me this year coming! I have an opportunity to study something I am really interested in- people! I have an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends- people I have more in common with. I’ll be living on campus, with a job and a degree I’m studying and I can just ‘DO ME’. And that’s all I need to focus on. Mum always reminds me that I need to be around people who add value to my life and learn to let go of those who don’t. One way or another, I’m going to have to learn to do that. This is all one GIANT learning process. Mum was right. Being an adult isn’t easy. But who says it’s got to be THIS hard?

Cheers to the next year ahead. I can’t wait! 😀

Until next time,

God bless,



Moving on


3 thoughts on “It’s time. . .

  1. Megs

    University will open up a swathe of opportunities that hitherto you never knew existed. You will have ample opportunity to find out who you are and what you really want to be. It will a life defining experience.

    I have no doubt that someone will fight for you because they think you are worth it. My guess is there will be many someones.

    It is a fantastic opportunity to hit the reset button on your life. You can jettison much that is negative and empower yourself with the new and positive. Embrace it all.


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