“‘Fight’, ’empower’, ‘love’, ‘believe’….come out of your shadows.”

WOW! I haven’t blogged in a while. I apologize for that you guys. Lately, things have been a major roller coaster ride, emotionally and mentally. I’ve been letting things get to me and get me down, I’ve been over-thinking and developing scenarios that, when faced with reality, often disappoint me. I still do it. I feel let down by people because of my expectations. Actually, to be 100% honest, I haven’t been blogging because right now, I do have too much on my mind to think of something juicy to chat about.  I was always taught that, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So I have had a heavy heart lately and haven’t really spoken to anyone about it so it’s driving me insane. I normally talk everything through with friends but…I’m just learning to rely more on myself and God than anyone else because I’m learning that it is VERY hard to rely on anyone. They might be busy or dealing with something themselves so they can’t be there for me to hear my drama, which is fair enough. 

I suppose it’s a personal growth thing- to feel strong in yourself so you don’t always have to rely on others. 

On a lighter note, there is a TV show that I’m LOVING at the moment and it’s called ‘Eat, Drink, Love”. It’s basically about a group of ladies who are ‘friends’ that come together in the hospitality industry, each contributing different aspects of the industry- from the cooking to the marketing. They’re all experiencing their own ups and downs and through these experiences, they learn to support, love and empower each other as they’re the few women that are on a mission to conquer the men :P. I LOVE this show! I mean, girls are girls so there are always cat fights but it’s how certain girls stick with each other and are there for each other. Each of them has a background and a way about life… that they bring to the table, excuse the pun. It’s inspiring to see women come together they way they do! 🙂 I’m all for women making it and being independent. I don’t have anything against women who would prefer to be the stay-at-home-mom but I enjoy seeing women going out and making a change. We all should ‘hook bra’s together’ and empower each other, not bring each other down. I’m not one for competition much. Encouragement and motivation, absolutely! I don’t enjoy seeing people fighting their way to the top as they walk over people in the process. I picture wolves fighting over a prey they caught..the vicious fangs and blood on their manes…not pleasant is it? But that’s all in the ideal world isn’t it?

It reminds me of how I fight for things I believe in. I’m so passionate about certain topics. I won’t ever force someone to believe in it but I reinforce my beliefs, definitely. Without your beliefs, who and where would we be today? I fight for the people I love ’til the end! I love people with all my heart (I guess it’s why it hurts when it’s not returned the way I imagined it to be) and I put so much effort into everything and every relationship…sometimes too much. Is that my fault or is it the fault of others for not putting in enough anymore? I feel like people give up before they actually see the importance of believing and fighting for others…what kind of results may be around the corner. They don’t try.. (These are merely my thoughts I’m expressing.) It’s my biggest romantic idea I have of the world…the IDEAL one at that. I suppose it’s a shield to protect us from being hurt by others but why should we be concerned about that in the first place? Always worried someone is out to get us…it’s saddening! Truly. 

I think I’m going to leave it at that.

Until next time,

God bless, 




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