So many thoughts but so little words

So I realised yesterday I had posted something about how I missed someone I love but, after discovering they had clearly moved on, it somehow relieved me of what I was feeling. I deleted that post. I didn’t need the reminder anymore. I needed to move on. But now I’m left with nothing to type about. Nothing of much value or importance like before. I have a lot to say, a lot that’s on my mind, but this isn’t the place to mention it. I have nothing to say…So I’ll read my Bible for peace of mind. God can help life the smothering feeling I’m feeling.

Until next time, God bless


3 thoughts on “So many thoughts but so little words

  1. Stay true Megs

    Darling and I think you are a delight.

    The challenges that lie ahead for you will prove no obstacle. The path may not seem obvious, but I am sure you will set a sure and steady course and that the tests you face now will only cause you to grow stronger, smarter and wiser.


    1. Thank you, Sir 🙂 that was exactly what I needed to hear! And I’m so thankful for the advice that the two of you give to me and everyone else. You might not realise it, but the advice that you give really does help me out. You’re wonderful 🙂 like a second set of parents, if I may say that without seeming weird! Haha

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