Where’re the boys at?



Hey GUYS 🙂 So me and some of my girls have been chatting and they asked me if I could get a few tips.

I’m looking for some friendly advice on guys, from a guys, when it comes to dating. Just some easy DOs and DONTs, playful advice too and useful tips if any…no big ordeal.

This would just be for me and other girls who are curious and in dying need of this awesome advice so if you strong, handsome men feel like you have something to share with us beautiful ladies, please don’t be shy! 

Leave a comment and I’ll pass it on 🙂

Until next time,

God bless




3 thoughts on “Where’re the boys at?

  1. If it were me, I would have only one thing to say – “Speak your mind”. Men (in general, or just me, if it makes you feel happy) are dumb and if you let them figure things out themselves they would almost always perceive the wrong things. If you want the guy to ask you out again, do not leave message trails, say it (subtly though – like, I enjoyed tonight and maybe this experience should continue). If you do not want the guy to kiss you, do not ‘triangulate’ and say you wish to puke in the next 5 mins. If he still does not understand, puke. Period. Mincing words does not work.

    This is strictly for dating only, once this person becomes your soul mate you are free to play your mind games (and make his life miserable).


    1. Yes, I’m learning that more and more. Some guys I’ve met don’t pick up hints. There was one guy who I loved but is no longer in my life…he knew me. Anyway, what a very insightful piece of advice! 🙂 Thank you.

      Haha 😛 me play mind games? Never! What a shameful thing to do…

      1. You seem like a deep person. Deep people get hurt more than light hearted ones. So all the more you would have to be careful when you show ‘hints’…:)

        Did you like my posts?

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