Y.O.L.O- You Only Live Once, so live it to your heart’s content.

You're a champion

I was at work today and I met the loveliest lady! Bev was her name and she was talking to me about her struggle with bowel cancer. She was given 4 months to live but has long far gone that by living for 3 more magical years 😀 I mean, that’s brilliant right? I noticed she was wearing a cross around her neck and I asked her which church she was from.. we rambled on for a good 20 minutes at least and she told me something most certainly true and encouraging:

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow so why not just live for today?

And she’s right! Her sister told her she was in denial but she said the reason she was remaining so strong was because of her belief and faith in God. If she were to pass away over night, she would be incredibly grateful for the extra time she was given on earth because her time, medically speaking, should have been up by now. That wasn’t a mistake in information. That was the miracle and grace of God. Who is anyone to tell her when her life would end? God is the only one who can decide that!

Speaking to her just made me think about the obstacles thrown my way. If she can get through chemotherapy for 3 years to fight off cancer, I think I can get through a breakup or a letdown somewhere. Don’t you?

Live for today like there is no tomorrow because our lives could be over in a second. Don’t you want to know you lived it ’til your heart’s content before and after you pass away?

Until next  time,

God bless




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