2014- time for change

It’s November already. NOVEMBER! I mean, where has this year gone??? In less than 3 months, I will be starting university. EEEEK 😀 I’ll be moving onto the campus as well, living with 5 other people in a 6 bedroom apartment. It’s got two bathrooms (thank HEAVENS), a kitchen that flows into a living room. There is a laundry mat on the campus, not in the apartment; a games room; gym…Sure, it’s not MASSIVE but it’s the first time I’m moving out, away from my parents 🙂 😦 (mixed emotions) and the first time I’ll be living with random people. I just pray that I’m going to be living with more girls than boys (or all girls because it’s a bit easier- you know, leaving the bathroom in your towel or sleeping in your knickers because it’s hot, or eating around others). But it’s going to be SO MUCH FREAKING FUUUUN!!! hehe I cannot wait. 

What’s weird is that. . . I’m growing up. I actually find that weird! – in it’s awesome way obviously. 

I’m 20 next year. My friends and I are in our 20s already. Whaaat?

Where have the past 10 years gone?! wow 😛 It’s insane. And the more we all grow up, the more I’m realising that time seriously flies by. Some of my friends are married, pregnant and/or have children already. 

Haha, sorry guys! Just having a freak out moment here.

It’s amazing

I’m so excited to go out, meet people and study something I’m really intrigued by.

Wish me luck! 😉

Until next time,
God bless


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