Forgive and forget 2

Tonight (and lately) I have been a little weighed down by something that was done to me weeks ago by someone I loved dearly. I was ‘betrayed’ so to speak. But, after all my crying and punching at my pillow, I eventually built myself back up. I felt like I was in a good place and that things were going well. I thought that I had forgiven that person and I had moved on but to he honest, I hadn’t. I was still hurting inside, I just didn’t pay much attention because I was busy with life. I covered it up. Work had been getting busy and I have missed out on church and I haven’t been reading my Bible. Me going to church is my large dose of Biblical medicine that I need for the week. It keeps me going. Every time I don’t go, I feel like I’m weaker because I’m not surrounding myself by the Holy Spirit being expressed through the people of Christ. Believe it or not but surrounding yourself with the right kind of people has a major effect on your mental well being.

So I’d been missing something. A bit of spunk and I’d be feeling down lately. I over think, more so at night as you can tell. But I opened my Bible tonight and I read something that reminded me that I need to live a life in the Holy Spirit. I need to have faith in Christ, Jesus, my Father AND the Holy Spirit. It is MY responsibility. The people around me are meant to be reminders. I read in Galatians 6 we are to “share each other’s burdens” and my dear friend does exactly that. She shares my burdens but reminds me that I need to forgive and forget the past and leave the past in the past. She sets me on the straight and narrow and God only knows how incredibly grateful I am for her!

Reading the Bible to me is a way of clearing the fog on my glasses and opens my sight so I can see properly again. It lifts me up and fulfils me. I forget that and I shouldn’t. It’s the one thing that helps me develop a relationship with the God I so love and adore!

(This is a vent and a dedication to my best friend- God only knows what I’ll do without you!)

God bless


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