BE(YOU)TIFUL because that’s all you should be! <3

I was watching Ellen DeGeneres tonight and a beautiful lady, who I hadn’t heard of before, appears on her show. Her name is Robyn Lolly and she is a 6’2 Australian Model. In America, however, she isn’t just any model…she is a PLUS SIZE model. Wanna know why? She happens to be a US size 12, the country’s average size. She is so wonderfully tall and elegant and throughout her life tried to lose weight in order to fit into their dresses and be in their magazines until she realised that enough was enough. She had to love the way she was made and be comfortable in her own skin. She’s healthy, happy and heroic in my eyes. I hold nothing against girls wanting to be thinner but when there is a new epidemic going around where girls are encouraged by social media to have a gap between their thighs, seen when their feet are placed together on a flat surface, I am infuriated! The idea that girls are encouraged to be so thin that they can fit a fist between their thighs makes me so overwhelmed with anger. It doesn’t encourage healthy eating. It encourages over exercising and sometimes starving in order to look the way certain models or people appear on TVs and/or magazines! It puts incredibly amounts of pressure on young girls and women who are larger than these models to be abnormally thin. I feel the pressure myself. Im always wondering what the best diet is out there, if I should have that donut, if I should be sitting or standing right now as is at all day… I’m all for wanting to be healthy and exercising, don’t get me wrong. But as Robyn put it on Ellen’s show tonight, “it’s not the good that’s the problem, it’s society!” And I couldn’t agree more!

Girls, we NEED to stand together and stand up to this false thinking that being abnormally skinny is the new beautifully. Girls are BEAUTIFUL in ALL shapes and sizes! Never should we EVER allow anyone else to tell us differently! God made each and everyone of us different so who has the right to encourage you to be any more like anyone else than like yourself? If you’re thin, embrace it! If you’re curvy, embrace it!!! But don’t you ever change into someone who isn’t you. When you walk pat another girl think ‘oh she is so pretty, but so am I.’ Instead of ‘aw 😦 I wish I could look like that.’ Because she is totally different to who you are and how you were uniquely made! 🙂 and it’s the most important, most wonderful thing to know.

I’m BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL and I’m going to love it. You should LOVE who you are too.

God bless lovely ladies! ❤


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