And then we lived happily ever after. . .

Image Drop Dead Diva (yes, I actually watch that show) reminded me of a little something…true love does exist. Sure, I might not have it now. I may not have it for a long while but I think we all have a shot at it and we SHOULD feel comfortable with waiting for that right special somebody! We’re always in such a rush to meet that special person like. . . yesterday. I know for a fact that I spend some days moping because I don’t, and never have had, a boyfriend but where did this obscured mind block come from? Why do some of us, mainly romantics, ponder on when he (or she) will peep around the corner and show themselves? Maybe it’s from our desires constantly fed by romantic comedies and chick flicks…but we do all KNOW that they’re just fiction, don’t we?

Anyway, my point is…

I can’t quite remember the little thing Fred said to Jane in D.D.D but it goes something like this:

If he (or she) loves you, you shouldn’t have to make them love you for something or someone you’re not. They should fall in love with you. . .FOR YOU and ALL of you! So quit thinking it’s because of your size (which I do), or the silly faults you point out in yourself (which I also do, ALL the time) and remind yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (OR HANDSOME) and Mr. Right WILL appear out of the blue and love you tremendous amounts normally when you learn to accept and love yourself for YOURSELF!

God bless,

Until next time




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