The cost of distance

I wish communication via phone call were free! I have moved countries four times and made friends in each and I have to pay a fortune to call my best friend Carmel, who lives in South Africa. If phone calls were free internationally, I could pick up my phone and call my sister from another mister and it would seem as though she lived just around the corner. It would make the loneliness I sometimes feel much easier to live with. But because phone calls are so expensive, I am only able to chat via text until she gets skype…I have to miss out on those moments when my bestie is dying to get a hold of. And what’s worse is I have family living all over the world and it’s incredibly difficult to call them too. The price of the phone eventually puts a barrier between people living around the world. It’s not to say they won’t overcome that barrier because Carmel and I have been friends for nearly 11 years, but it makes it unbearable sometimes. If anyone knew how hard it is to move countries and have to make friends all over again…

There should be free communication for all! Think how much easier life would become.

I don’t mean to be a downer. It’s just that. . . Carmel called me this morning upset and then her phone credit ran out so we had to resort to texting. All I wanted to do was comfort her…when her heart hurts, so does mine.

I get that phone companies have to make money but can’t they find some other way to do so?

What are your thoughts?

Until next time,
God bless


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